A message from yuiyamana
Would you ever be willing to post a tutorial on your colored pencil coloring technique? Cuz your coloring a look so good

I thought about it because a lot of people have asked if I would make a tutorial on how I do stuff with pencils. But I myself don’t really feel I’m good enough yet ;w; I think someday I will though! And thank you so much! ♥

And well that’s a thing

And well that’s a thing

Another old drawing fromm March?

Another old drawing fromm March?

Old things from Valentines day!!

I got tagged

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1. What kind of thing or person irritates you the most?
My roommate anybody who goes out of their way to be rude

2. What is the best thing that you ever did or that ever happened in 30 seconds of your life?
Uhhh. Dammit I’ve been thinking about this for like an hour now I’ll edit it when I think of something lol

3. Have you ever thought how it feels like living in an opposite gender? If yes, can you share it?
I wouldn’t like it

4. Internet or family?

5. Favorite food?

also STEak

6. Do you believe in aliens?

7. Favorite anime/cartoon show?
Naruto/Steven Universe! (atm <3)

8. Favorite hobby?

9. Fandoms that you are currently into?
Aaah Naruto and Pokemon I guess?

10. Favorite band/singer?
Green Day

11. What is your personal description of “life”?
Just do what makes you happy!


if u dont like kankuro you can get out. Leave. Right now. Its the end. Youve lost. Youre wrong. Youre th


yes, naruto is important but you know what’s even more important? nothing. nothing is more important than naruto.